What to Do After 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts

It’s time to take your iPhone away. If you are trying to access the device and it is password protected, but you have failed 10 attempts, then Apple will lock down the phone. You won’t be able to use any of the features until you enter in a passcode. You can still make emergency calls, but that is about all that your iPhone will do for now. This blog post goes over what happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts on an iOS device!

How to Turn Off Screen Time After Failed Attempts.

 If you have tried the passcode more than ten times and gotten locked out of your iOS device, then follow these steps.

  • Step One: Press the home button on your iPhone or iPad so that Siri can be activated on screen. 
  • Step Two: Ask Siri “What is my password?” In certain cases, this may not work but it’s worth a shot! This will give you some information about how many attempts are left before locking down for one hour, 24 hours or until changed with another passcode after 48 hours has passed (this option only works if an administrator changes this lock). You should also get a hint showing you what your current four-digit access code is set to.
  •  Step Three: If you have a backup of your device, then plug it into iTunes and restore the phone to its original settings which will delete all data from the device but also unlock it without having to reset everything. 

The last option is doing a factory reset on your iPhone or iPad with iCloud by going to Settings > General > Reset, where you can pick either “Erase All Content & Settings” if you don’t care about any information being lost from iOS backups or “Restore from Back Up…” 

If you want some (but not all) of that backed up information on the new passcode lock screen like user names and passwords for third-party apps as well as files saved in iWork apps such as Pages and Numbers, you will need to use iTunes on a computer. After connecting your device and clicking on the “Summary” tab, under “Backups,” click on “Restore from this backup.”

 Select the latest backup of your iOS device (made before you tried to change your Screen Time passcode) and hit “Restore.”

If you have enabled two-factor authentication for any of your Apple accounts, such as iCloud or App Store, you will also need to provide one of those verification codes after restoring from a backup. If you don’t have that code or can’t remember it, contact the account owner for help. After following one of these methods, your iPhone or iPad should be back to its original state with the old Screen Time passcode.

If you forgot your Screen Time passcode and have tried unsuccessfully to enter it multiple times, there are a few ways to regain access to your device. 

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